Online Keno UK

Keno is a Bingo-like casino game played both online and in land-based casinos with exciting gameplay based solely on luck. It is favored by many people across the globe hence of the simple rules and the chances of winning a great amount of money at fewer wagers.

This game has a similar to lotto gameplay, with origins from China all the way to the Han Dynasty between 205 and 187 B.C. and a name with French/Latin roots with a meaning “five winning numbers”.

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How to play online keno?

The core of this game lies within betting on certain numbers from 1 thru 80. Both in online and offline casinos, the player is presented with a 10×8 matrix and from it, he/she can choose from minimum four numbers to maximum fifteen numbers (in some cases even twenty). The goal in Keno is to hit as many spots (numbers) as possible. Accordingly the more numbers you hit correctly, the higher the payout online casino will be.

Unlike the literal lotto-like versions where there is real number drawing from a hopper filled with numbered balls, and land-based slot-alike keno machines where you choose your numbers on a touch screen, when playing online keno you choose your lucky numbers on your mobile`s touch screen or simply selecting them if playing on your desktop computer, and form that moment on-“your destiny” is in the RNG`s hands (Random Number Generator).

As you can tell, Keno is a straightforward and fun game which doesn’t require much thinking nor obsessing over rules. This is the main reason why so many people choose this over playing something much more complicated. On top of this, when we add that in new online keno casinos you can go from “zero to hero” in less than thirty seconds meaning winning the big cash, we add a bit spiciness and excitement to it too!

Here to follow are a few basic steps when we are talking about how to play keno:

  • Choose an online casino
  • Register with your information
  • Double-check the rules and odds before making a deposit
  • Choose up to 15 numbers (sometimes even 20-according to the game you are playing)
  • Determine how much you want to bet/wager on each number or group of numbers
  • Wait for the Keno numbers to be drawn

Understanding the bets and the odds

Trying “to catch” as much as fifteen numbers in a vast sea of ninety sound like quite an impossible task or in translation when you play online keno games UK, you can say the odds are definitely not in your favor. When we compare the house edge seen on video poker 0, 46% or on slots 2-15%, keno has amongst the highest house edges from 25% to 29% meaning lesser chances of winning. Here are the basic keno odds:

  • The odds of catching 0 numbers are – 1 in 843.380
  • 1 number – 1 in 86.446
  • 2 numbers – 1 in 20.115
  • 3 numbers – 1 in 8.009
  • 4 numbers – 1 in 4.877
  • 5 numbers – 1 in 4.287
  • 6 numbers – 1 in 5.258
  • 7 numbers – 1 in 8.826
  • 8 numbers – 1 in 20.055
  • 9 numbers – 1 in 61.420
  • 10 numbers – 1 in 253.801
  • 11 numbers – 1 in 1,423.822
  • 12 numbers – 1 in 10,968.701
  • 13 numbers – 1 in 118,084.920
  • 14 numbers – 1 in 1,821,881.628
  • 15 numbers – 1 in 41,751,453.986


5 of 15= 1-1 8 of 15= 15-1 11 of 15=300-1 14 of 15= 2,500-1
6 of 15= 2-1 9 of 15=50-1 12 of 15=600-1 15 of 15=10, 000-1
7 of 15= 5-1 10 of 15= 150-1 13 of 15= 1, 200-1

For example, this means that if you choose to be a single dollar and hit all fifteen numbers (although statistically, that is virtually impossible), you will win $10, 000!

Everything we`ve mentioned above comes down to:

If you choose more numbers to place your bet on you could potentially win more money, but also as you increase the amount of numbers the lesser chances of winning become.

How to win at online Keno

By far, the chances are you`ve probably learned that Keno is a game based on luck with killer odds and not so favorable house edge. However, if you are serious about maximizing your chances there are a few things you could do or should we say a few tips to follow such as:

  • Spend time to search for a reputable casino with better return/odds
  • Have the right attitude (keno is just the right kind of game if you are searching for something casual and easy to play; however, don’t take it too seriously-it is a game based on luck or simply said “don`t lose it with your bets”)
  • Avoid playing too maximum spots (knowing that you could make $10,000 from a single dollar does sound tempting but (there is always a but) avoid betting this way because the reality is – there is very very very low chances of winning; stick somewhere in between choosing seven to eleven numbers)
  • Stick to your bankroll (decide how much money you will spend and stick to your budget)
  • Don’t pick the same numbers (since the numbers in Keno are randomly generated, you should have fun while choosing them)

Free Keno vs. Real-money Keno

Now that you are aware of the rules, you are probably thinking you are prepared to play for real cash online keno. After all, you do know the rules, the odds, how to play, and how much to play.

However, besides knowing that keno is not a complicated game, you should also know that there is no better way to experience Keno than playing for free. Yes, online casinos have the option to play for free and literally get a hold of the game. This way instead of play online keno for real money, you can practice what you know without losing any money.

Online Keno vs. Land-based Keno

Online Keno Land Based Keno
They Both have the same rules and gameplay
You can change the chosen numbers You cannot change the chosen numbers
Enjoy the game without distractions and in the comfort of your own home Play it in an exciting atmosphere with many social interactions
Lower house edge Higher house edge
Automatic play  and number selection You must select numbers each and every time

How to choose a Keno Website?

There are a few things to keep an eye on when choosing for a casino in which you will play Keno such as:

  • Reliability (protection of your personal and financial information)
  • Bonuses and promotions (welcoming bonuses at online keno sites UK with low-wagering requirements; loyalty programs)
  • Multiple banking options
  • Flawless customer care
  • Impeccable online keno review (from satisfied customers)

Besides these four vital things, you should also make sure that the casino you sign up to has a mobile version.

Mobile Keno

Similarly, like many other games, online gambling keno has a mobile online gambling option too. There is nothing more practical than the ability to play your favorite game regardless of your location. Play UK mobile keno while you are on the road, or while you are running some errands, or simply when you want some fun while being outside. As we mentioned, the game is simple to play meaning you don`t need particular focus and concentration.

Mobile Keno can be played in one of two ways:

  • You can download a mobile app (usually Android and iOS applications are more developed than the BlackBerry and Windows Phone ones)
  • Or you can play Keno in a browser-based app

Best Online Keno Casinos 2019

Only some of the best UK online keno casinos are:

  • Casino Tropez
  • Casino
  • com
  • Silver Oak Casino
  • Black Diamond Casino
  • Bovada Casino


Simple gameplay, easy and convenient rules! Sign up to top new online casinos for keno  a reliable one, and you are signing up for hours and hours of entertainment.